posted : 11 April 2011
title : confession
To be honest the 1st time I hear bout avex vs JYJ.. my reaction was "OH MY GOD. JYJ what do you want? first Sme now AVEX, What do you want?" and I do think the problem isn't in AVEX and Sme.. but JYJ it self.. :| I said they are stupid for leaving that big company.. as long as they have avex then SME is nothing.. but the time avex abandoned them, I was think that is stupid choice.. but who am I?
I am just a fan.. so I choose to loves your choices ^__^ as long as you are happy ^^ (eventough I still think cjes have many flaws) kekeke

without AKTF thingy :|

posted : 17 September 2010
title : SM, AVEX and JYJ
I dunno what should I said now.. to complicated to me.. well first I tought that AVEX will be support ChunJaeSu until tohoshinki back (altough i didn't put any hope at this case. I already give up to keep my faith that they will be back as one again. I just can't find the way how will they fulfil that know like sme didn't allow them to work as TVXQ then HOW to make them comeback as one.. I didn't see any hope in SME side to allow us to work under TVXQ name without any payment. and i will get mad if the three just got back to SME once more. what are they doing now if in the end they will back to sme.) and now, they turn to be the agency who didn't want to work with them and their new agency. and the reason just nonsense. how can they didn't want work together just because that baek. well, from what I heard, AVEX is the one who introduce C-JeS to ChunJaeSu. so, logicaly, from very the first time, they already knew that baek didn't have any gangs. then they make it as the reason.. and they told us that ChunJaesu who left them not them who dumped ChunJaeSu. but well, if I look from general side, I will said that ChunjaeSu is a fool. they didn't want to work as a money tools but as an artist. well, from what I think, there aren't any company who didn't want to get more money. their target just money money and money. and if I sided with ChunJaeSu I will say that avex is a pabo. they are know about WHY the 3 didn't want to work with SME anymore and now they do something like SME. forced them to work. well maybe in entertaiment world you can't choose your own work by yourself, that is why that 2 company forced them to it. *sigh*
And I keep thinking this is conected with SME. I heard that Chiba-san goes to SMTown. so my predict that SME and AVEX reunited, so SME can make AVEX to dumped JYJ while they can take HoMin works again. it's just to fishy to think this problem really between AVEX, JYJ and C-JeS. =D
well, DON'T TRUST ANY COMPANY NOW, INCLUDING C-JeS. THEY CAN EASILY DUMPED JYJ AS WELL.. Just support the boys now. support Yunho,Changmin,Jaejoong,Yoochun and Junsu for what are they doing now. solo or group activities. ^^ (eventough I didn't like HoMin keep using TVXQ as their name in SMTown, but I know this isn't fully their fault. but just eerr make me feel that they are the new TVXQ. TVXQ who contains only 2 people

and a while ago, TVXQ fans trends #BeStrongTVXQ. well we did a god job. that words become number one. but still annoy me. why TVXQ, while the 2 people of tvxq are okay now. well just ignore this lol.. I really need to say this. and I just only can do it at here..